Saraam Success Story: Learned to make chocolate from YouTube, this boy made a company worth crores!

Saraam Success Story

Saraam Success Story: Today in our country India, every day someone is starting their own startup and business, due to which the number of startups in our country is also increasing. Startups and business also have a huge contribution in the economy of our country, hence the government is also motivating everyone to do their own business. So today we have brought for you an amazing success story from the world of Startup.

When lockdown was imposed in India during the Corona epidemic of 2020, everyone started using social media more. At the same time, due to his passion, a 16 year old boy started learning how to make chocolate on YouTube and from there, while learning how to make chocolate, that 16 year old boy has today created a company worth crores.

Here we are talking about Digvijay Singh, who started his chocolate business at the age of 16 and today at the age of just 19, he is earning crores of rupees from his business. The name of Digvijay’s company is Saraam. So today we will read about Saraam Success Story, how Saraam is earning crores of rupees from this business today.

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Learned to make chocolate from YouTube: Saraam Success Story

Digvijay Singh loved things like chocolate since childhood, and he also wanted to learn how to make it. But he could not get time for these things, but in the year 2020, there was a lockdown in the country due to Corona virus. So during this time, on the advice of his brother, he started learning how to make chocolate from YouTube.

While learning how to make chocolate on YouTube, he started feeding the chocolate made by him to everyone in his family, and everyone was liking the chocolate made by him. Let us also tell you that initially when he started making chocolates, he failed many times but he continued his efforts in making chocolates and people started liking his chocolates too.

Inspired people to start business: Saraam Success Story

When Digvijay learned to make chocolate with the help of YouTube videos and when he fed the chocolate made by him to his close people, everyone liked it very much. Due to which everyone was motivating Digvijay to start his own chocolate business.

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Initially Digvijay started doing it as a hobby, but then he thought that he could sell his chocolates to car showrooms and hotel owners. Along with this, he saw that some good flavored chocolates were not available in the market, so he focused on making his own flavored chocolates and from here his company started.

Earning crores of rupees today

In the year 2021, Digvijay started his company named Saraam with his new chocolate flavors and in the same year Digvijay also got an order for 1000 chocolates from a car company. After that Digvijay and his company gained momentum rapidly and today his Saraam company has become worth crores.

Digvijay himself learned to make chocolates and by starting his own business, it has turned it into a very good and solid business today. From the beginning of Saraam till today, Digvijay has earned more than Rs 1 crore from it and his company is continuously growing.

Saraam Success Story Interview

Saraam Success Story Overview

Article TitleSaraam Success Story
Startup NameSaraam
FounderDigvijay Singh
HomeplaceUdaipur, Rajasthan, India
Saraam Revenue (FY 2022)Not Available
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