Matar Ka Nimona Recipe: Make this delicious Matar Nimona with fresh peas in winters

Matar Ka Nimona Recipe

Matar Ka Nimona Recipe: In the winter season, peas are seen everywhere in the markets. People also like to eat peas these days. They like to prepare many types of dishes from peas and eat them. Peas are good for taste as well as for health. Peas are very beneficial. Peas contain abundant nutrients due to which peas are very beneficial for health. Fiber is also found in peas which also controls the amount of calories in the body.

Although peas are used in all vegetables during winters, but here we have shared Matar Ka Nimona Recipe with you so that you can make this recipe at home with fresh peas. Everyone likes this recipe very much during winter days, so let’s go straight towards making Matar Ka Nimona Recipe.

Matar Ka Nimona Recipe Ingredients: Matar Ka Nimona Recipe

The ingredients used to make Matar Ka Nimona Recipe are listed below, you can increase or decrease the ingredients as per your requirement.

500 grams green peas
2 tbsp mustard oil
2 potatoes
1 cup tomato
1 pinch asafoetida
Half cup finely chopped coriander
3 finely chopped green chillies
half teaspoon ginger paste
half teaspoon cumin
Half teaspoon red chilli powder
1 tsp coriander powder
teaspoon garam masala
half teaspoon turmeric powder
salt as per taste

Matar Ka Nimona Recipe

It will take a total of 30 minutes to prepare Matar Ka Nimona Recipe. This recipe is mainly one of the famous dishes of Uttar Pradesh. In this, Nimona has been made tasty by grinding peas in a mixer jar and Nimona has been made by frying the dal bari in oil. It has been made delicious, if you also want to make this recipe at your home then you can easily make this recipe by reading the step by step description here.

Step 1: Make pea paste

Put peas in a mixer jar and make a coarse paste without adding water. It will form a thick mixture. Now we will prepare another paste for which add fresh green coriander, 8 to 10 green garlic leaves, 3 hot green chillies, 1 inch piece of ginger, whole coriander and 1 cup of water and grind it well to even out the texture of this paste. It will be thick.

मटर का पेस्ट बनायें

Step 2: Fry Potatoes

Pour oil in the pan and fry on medium flame. Now add the pulses and fry on low flame. Fry for 10 minutes and take it out from the oil. Now fry the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into long pieces and fry on high flame till the potatoes become light golden in colour. Once done, take them out from the pan and keep them aside in a plate.

आलू फ्राई करें

Step 3: Fry the pea paste

Reduce the oil in the pan and leave only 2 spoons of oil in it. Now add the ground pea paste in it and fry it well on slow flame. Fry this mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes and take it out in a plate and keep it aside.

मटर पेस्ट को भूने

Step 4: Prepare Tadka

Now put 2 spoons of oil in the pan and heat it. Now add 1 spoon of cumin, 1 spoon of 2 dried red chillies, half spoon of asafoetida and prepared garlic leaf paste (which we had prepared after making pea paste). . Now fry everything well for 2 to 3 minutes, after this add 2 chopped tomatoes and half a bowl of peas, and add salt as per taste.

तड़का तैयार करें

Now let the tomatoes cook for 2 to 3 minutes. After this, cover the pan and let the tomatoes melt. After about 5 minutes, the tomatoes will be completely cooked. Now add 1 teaspoon turmeric, half teaspoon red chili powder and mix well on gas flame. Keep it slow. Now add fried beri and fried potatoes and mix well.

Now add roasted pea paste in it and add 1 glass of hot water. Mix well. Add 1 cup more water than the amount of gravy you want in Matar Nimona. Keep the oil on flame and stir for about 5 minutes. Turn it off.

तड़का तैयार करें 1

Matar Ka Nimona Recipe is ready, you can make more or less of this recipe as per your choice and enjoy this recipe.

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