Navalben Chaudhary Story: This 62 year old woman earns crores of rupees just by selling milk, read the whole story!

Navalben Chaudhary Story

Navalben Chaudhary Story: You must have heard this line many times that to do business we do not need any degree or any major education, but to do business we need experience, faith and hard work, now this same line has been repeated by a 62 year old The woman has proved the truth.

62 years of age is such an age in which most of the people sit at home and do not feel like starting anything new, but today we have brought for you such a Women Success Story in which a 62 year old woman made a living just by selling milk. Have established your business worth Rs 1 crore.

Here we are talking about a 62 year old woman whose name is Navalben Chaudhary, living in a small village Nagla in the Indian state of Gujarat. Navalben Chaudhary has set an example for the people by starting his dairy business at the age of just 62 because at this age he has made the dairy business a business worth Rs. 1 crore. Therefore, in today’s article we will read about Navalben Chaudhary Story i.e. the success story of Navalben Chaudhary, so let’s start.

Navalben Chaudhary Story 2024

Started his own dairy business at the age of 62

Navalben Chaudhary, who lives in Nagla, a small village in the state of Gujarat, in her old age at the age of 62, decided to start a milk business in her village and today she earns crores of rupees a year from this milk business. Has been. While people take retirement from work after the age of 50, Nabalben Chaudhary has also provided employment to many people and has become an inspiration for all the people today.

Let us also tell you that when Nabalben Chaudhary started his milk business, he had to face many difficulties, so much so that many people were thinking that what is the point of starting a business at this age. But Nabalben did not give up and continued in her business, due to which today her business has become worth crores.

Have built a company worth crores

For your information, let us tell you that according to media reports, Navalben Chaudhary has sold milk worth more than Rs 1 crore in the year 2020 and 2021. At present, Nabalben Choudhary is earning lakhs of rupees every month from her diary business, along with this she is also giving employment opportunities to many people.

At present Nabalben has more than 45 cows and more than 80 buffaloes with the help of which Nabalben fulfills the milk needs of all the people. Due to this business and his work, Navalben has been awarded the best ‘animal husbandry’ award in Banaskantha district thrice. About 15 people work in this diary business of Nabelben.

Nabalben Chaudhary Interview

From the story of Nabalben Chaudhary, we get to learn that there is no age limit for doing business, rather doing business requires hard work and decision. We hope that from this article you would have got information about Women Success Story and Navalben Chaudhary Story.

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Navalben Chaudhary Story

What is the name of Nabalben Chaudhary’s diary?

The name of Nabalben Chaudhary’s diary is Banas Diary.

How old is Nabalben Chaudhary?

Nabalben Chaudhary is currently 64 years old.

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