Hidden Siri Tricks: iPhone users must know these amazing tricks of SIRI, know complete details

Hidden Siri Tricks

Hidden Siri Tricks: About 4 percent of Indians are iPhone users, and half of them do not even know about Siri. Let us tell you that Siri is a virtual assistant which has been developed for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS. This is a voice-controlled intelligent with which you can control your iPhone with your voice, with Siri you can get multiple tasks done that too with one voice like sending a message to someone or making a call to someone with or without the phone. Touch it to play a song.

Hidden Siri Tricks 2024

Welcome, in this article today we are going to talk about the full details of Hidden Siri Tricks, you can get it done with a voice command without touching the phone. To use Hidden Siri Tricks, you have to command “Hey Siri”. For example, just by saying “Hey Siri Call to Papa” a call will be made to your father from your iPhone. To use this voice command Siri, you will have to go to Settings and give permission. If you also have an iPhone or are about to buy one and want to take advantage of Siri, then read this article carefully and follow all the steps given below.

How to Enable Hidden Siri Tricks

  • First of all, open your iPhone and download the latest version.
  • Now you have to open the settings of your phone.
  • After that you have to scroll down and click on Siri foot.
  • Now you have to toggle the switch next to Hidden Siri Tricks and to enable Siri, it will become active when you say ‘Hey Siri’.
  • If you want to activate Siri by pressing Side or Home, then select “Press Side Button for Siri”.
  • If you want Siri to perform commands even on a locked screen, toggle on “Allow Siri When Locked”.
  • You can enable Siri as per your preference.
  • After making all these settings you can close your settings.

Now Siri is enabled on your iPhone, you can give any command by saying “Hey Siri”. Remember that Siri’s features depend on your device and IOS version.

Uses of Hidden Siri Tricks

You can use Siri to do some funny tricks, you can send messages, set alarms and timers, check sports scores, or if you lose your iPhone, ask Siri, “Find My iPhone” so you can turn on the Find feature. If you go to another place and you don’t understand the language of the people there, you can use Hidden Siri Tricks to understand, such as “Translate hello to Spanish”.

Hidden Siri Tricks 1

Suppose you are eating food and want to send a message to someone, then you can say to Siri, “Hey Siri, send WhatsApp message to mom, I am coming in two minutes.” Just by saying this, your message will be sent.

Funny Siri Command

If Siri is enabled in your iPhone, then today I am going to tell you about some Funny Hidden Siri Tricks which you must know.

Funny Siri Command
“Tell me a joke.”
“Do you have any pets?”
“Can you beatbox?”
“Sing me a song.”
“What does the fox say?”
“Do you believe in ghosts?”
“What is your favorite color?”
“Can you dance?”
“Tell me a bedtime story.”
“Beat me at rock, paper, scissors.”
“What is your favorite movie?”
“Do you know any magic tricks?”
“Make me a sandwich.”
“Can you talk like a pirate?”
“What is zero divided by zero?”
“Are you human?”
“Tell me a riddle.”

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