5 Best Serial Killer Web Series: These five web series will give you sleepless nights, see the list here

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series: There are many types of web series available on OTT platform. Some people like romance, comedy, action or thriller, while others like suspense and crime. If you like stories related to suspense and crime, then we have brought a list of some of the best movies and series for you. You will have sleepless nights after seeing the cruelty of serial killers in these movies and series.

If you like watching suspense and crime thrillers, then you must watch these five web series (5 Best Serial Killer Web Series). So let us know 5 Best Serial Killer Web Series.

5 Best Serial Killer Web Series

TitleRelease YearPlatformLanguageEpisodes
Indian Predator2023NetflixMultiple3
Posham Pa2019ZEE5HindiN/A
The Hunt For Veerappan2023NetflixMultiple4
Auto Shankar2019ZEE5Tamil10

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer is a documentary. It tells the story of a man who murdered 14 people. He was very dangerous. After killing people, he boiled the brains of some people and drank them, while he cut the bodies of some people into pieces. You can watch this documentary on Netflix.

It is a short three-episode series, with each episode lasting 40 minutes. It has been released in 10 languages. It tells the stories of three different characters: a murderer, a cannibal and a king.

Posham Pa

Sayani Gupta, Ragini Khanna and Mahie Gill played the lead roles in the 2019 web series ‘Posham Pa‘. This series depicts the story of two sisters from Maharashtra who kidnapped 40 children. Of these, 12 children were murdered. This series is based on a true incident. It can be seen on ZEE5.


Kunal Khemu and Vijay Raj’s web series ‘Abhay‘ came in 2019. There are three seasons of this series and they are very much liked by the audience. The story of ‘Abhay’ is about a murderer who kills people in the name of salvation and soul. This series can be seen on ZEE5.

The Hunt For Veerappan

The Hunt for Veerappan” documentary series available on Netflix tells Veerappan’s story in 4 episodes. It depicts the events from Veerappan’s childhood till his death.

You might have heard many stories about Veerappan, but how did Veerappan become a reality and how did he kill the policemen? Your head will go numb after seeing how he was cut into pieces, and how even today his death remains a question mark.

Auto Shankar

This web series can be seen on Zee5. It has 10 episodes. The series tells the story of Shankar, an auto driver in Chennai between 1985 and 1995. Shankar becomes a serial killer and murders many people.

Auto Shankar is a horror story. This story teaches us that there is no end to cruelty and violence.

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