Aashka Goradia Success Story: This girl left acting and made a company worth Rs 800 crore in just 2 years!

Aashka Goradia Success Story: Every year new actors and actresses come into the Bollywood and TV serial industry, out of which only a few get success. But most people have to do some other work.

You must have read many business success stories in which a student made a company worth crores and someone made a great company at an old age. But today we have brought for you such a success story in which a TV actress decided to leave her acting and do business and with that decision she has today made a company worth crores of rupees.

Here today we are talking about Aashka Goradia Success Story, who has been a very popular TV actress, who has also worked in many serials. But today he has left his acting career and has set up a company worth crores in business. Therefore, in today’s article you will read about Aashka Goradia Success Story, how she left acting and created a company worth crores.

Aashka Goradia Success Story

Took a break from acting and started her own business: Aashka Goradia Success Story

Aashka Goradia is a popular TV serial actress, who said goodbye to her acting career in the year 2019 and joined the world of business. Aashka wanted to start her own business for a long time, so she left acting and started Renee Cosmetics company with her college friends Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah.

The most important thing was that Aashka got more success in her business than in the acting field. Here in business, she launched many cosmetic products under her brand Renee Cosmetics, which people liked very much. These are the reasons why Aashka Goradia achieved success in a very short time.

Created a company worth Rs 800 crore in just two years

Aashka Goradia started her Renee Cosmetics company with her friends in the year 2020 and started earning crores of rupees from this business in the very first year. Let us tell you that within just two years, Aashka’s company Renee Cosmetics had achieved a valuation of 100 million dollars i.e. approximately Rs 800 crore.

According to the report of DNA, Priyank Shah, an associate of this company, told in one of his interviews that the target of Renee Cosmetics Company is to achieve a revenue of about Rs 400 crore in the year 2024. At present his company has more than 200 cosmetics products.

All the products of Renee Cosmetics are sold through both online and offline channels. Their products are sold online on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa etc. At present, more than 600 offline stores are also present.

Renee Cosmetics Funding Report

Aashka has also received funding from Startups investors to expand her business. If we talk about Renee Cosmetics funding report, then till now this company has raised funding of about $36 million from investors in total 4 rounds.

If we talk about the valuation of Renee Cosmetics company at this time, then the valuation of this company is about 100 million dollars more. Along with this, every year this company earns crores of rupees in profit.

Aashka Goradia Success Story Overview

Today, Aashka has got more success in this business field than acting and in today’s time, many Bollywood and TV serial actresses are not able to earn as much as Aashka is earning today.

NameAashka Goradia
BackgroundStarted career as a child actress in TV shows, including “Achanak 37 Saal Baad”
TV Shows– Bhabhi – Tum Bin Jaaoon Kahaan – Kayaamat – Kkusum – Laagi Tujhse Lagan – Daayan
Career ShiftStarted her own production company in 2016
Entrepreneurial VentureEstablished Renee Cosmetics in 2019
Product LineCosmetic and skincare brand offering makeup products and accessories
Brand HeadquartersAhmedabad, India
Company Size50 employees, small number of partners
Success Factors– Emphasis on diverse skill sets in hiring – High-quality products – Strong branding
Support SystemFamily and friends provided crucial support for her entrepreneurial journey

Aashka Goradia Success Story Interview

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