Hanuman First Review OUT: Teja Sajja’s ‘Hanu-Man’, the film created an outcry all over the world, one scene will give you goosebumps

Hanuman First Review OUT

Hanuman First Review OUT: Director Prashant Verma’s upcoming film starring South film superstar Teja Sajja and Varalakshmi Sarthkumar is all set to release in theatres. The makers will launch this film on January 12. Now only 1 day is left for the release of the film. Now the first review of this film has come out. The interesting thing is that the first review of the Hindi version of this film has come out. Which has been launched through famous exchange expert Taran Adarsh.

After which everyone’s eyes are constantly fixed on the release of this film. According to the data received, this film is going to make a good start of the year 2024 at the Hindi box office of South Cinema. The film has become the talk of entertainment news worldwide as soon as its first reviews came out. Read here how is Teja Sajja’s excellent desi superhero film ‘Hanu-Mann’.

After all, what kind of ‘Hanu-Man’ is he?

Trade professional Taran Adarsh has given full 3.5 stars to ‘Hanu-Man’ in his review. Also this film has been described as very good. He wrote in a long tweet, “Director Prashant Verma has made a powerful entertainer film. ‘Hanu-Maan’ is a tremendous and thrilling film. Which is full of drama and action, full of VFX and legendary skills. Which gives goosebumps. Whose climax is very good. This movie is recommended.

The cast of ‘Hanu-Maan’ is very good

Talking about the overall performance of this film, the alternative expert wrote, “There are many very good performances in ‘Hanu-Maan’. Teja Sajja’s personality has been made excellent. Varalakshmi Sarthkumar leaves a wonderful impression. Vinay Rai is going to get a successful film. And Samuthikaarini is looking incredible. Vennela Kishore became a genius. He should have been given additional display space.

After all, how is the VFX of ‘Hanu-Man’?

‘Hanu-Maan’ is a mega price range film. In which VFX has played an important role. The makers have made this film with heavy graphics. Talking about this, Taran Adarsh said, “VFX has played an important role. Who have become talented. But they dominate the story. The dubbing of all the characters is good. The easiest problem…is with its run time. Which might have been a little smaller. The first half of the film seems dragged.

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